Our Approach


ABLA offers a holistic approach to teaching, providing you with an engaging real-world learning experience and rich cross-disciplinary curricula. Our approach is designed to enable you to make impactful brand and leadership decisions that address the real challenges of doing business and building brands in a dynamic African environment.

What sets ABLA apart?

The ABLA learning approach is built around our core PACE principles:
Purpose, Africa-focused, Community and Experiential


ABLA content is designed around imparting knowledge to inspire enduring solutions, with a meaningful impact to move Africa forward.

Africa Focused

ABLA utilises a case study approach based on real-world contemporary and classic African case studies and engagement, with practitioners who have real-life experience in building brands and businesses in Africa.


Built on an African community characteristic, learning at ABLA is a collaborative, engaging experience enriched by the exchange of ideas with diverse peers who have a global African perspective to problem solving.


Our lessons are brought to life through immersion in active African consumer environments.


Our network of partnerships across Africa and the world enable us to design, deliver and exchange innovative accredited and custom programmes that enrich the learning experience and are grounded on an understanding of the continent and the real challenges of building world-class brands in Africa.

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